Nui Thanh Mechanical

Nui Thanh Mechanical only member company limited is a leading enterprise in Viet Nam in the field of manufacturing industrial equipment, industries with the following business:

Company scope of business:

  • Design, manufacture all kinds of boiler, pressure equipment, steel structures in super, super and other products as all kinds of industrial tanks tank, which compressed air, which high pressure gas as gas, oil, and tank technology food made of stainless steel are the two legs.
  • Survey, consulting, design, transport, and installing boiler, pressure equipment and mechanical works.
  • Repair, renovation, restoration boiler, pressure equipment, mechanical devices of all kinds.
  • Business export: The kinds of gas pipe line, led, pipe, resulting in gas, and all kinds of gas valves, water valves, fuel valves, compressed air valves, ...boiler, pressure equipment, machinery, equipment, materials specialist.
  • Cooperation, joint venture, associated with local economic and abroad to expand production, especially of science and technology of cold University of Technology Hanoi ... Boiler Company Vietnam.

Company equipment machinery capabilities:

  • Slitting mill Machine
  • Machine Cuts Sheet metal
  • Sheet metal Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Standing lathe Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Machine Drawing cap Bridge

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