Hoang Ha Company Rehearse Fire Protection At Nhon Trach Workshop -DongNai Province

2018/07/26 09:06:20

Nhon Trach Workshop of Hoang Ha Company’s has many machines, eqiupments, flammables…so that it is easy

to occur fires, burst.

From real demand, 13-14th July, 2018, Company combine with fireman of Dong Nai Provice to deploy fire protection

rehearsal at Nhon Trach Workshop.

Annual, fire protection training course has organized at company in order to help employee and fire protection team to understand

legal documents of government about fire protection, tha basic knowledge about knowledge, skill that people can use tool,

vehicle of fire protection that are  equipped at company.

So that , It will make enhance quality of fire protection mission assurance during manufacruring process.

Thank to fireman Dong Nai’s introduction, Hoang Ha Company’s team members deploy pretty fire protection skill, deploying squad, resolve incurred situation, practice to use fire extinguisher.
                                                               Fireman introducts to practice fire protection
                                                                                    Team member practice fire protection

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