{ The Flower Arrangement Contest } - International Women's Day 8-3

2018/04/26 14:15:06

In the bustling atmosphere, joyfully celebrate International Women's Day, on 07.03.2018, in cooperation with the Trade Union Company held The Flower Art Contest for women.

The first time was held at the Office, the contest attracted a lot of attention from the sisters. The contest include two parts: the flower arrangement competition and a presentation contest works. Both 02 contest took place lively, serious and emotional.

The teams were sending ideas, feelings and her dedication to the bouquet is presented cleverly, beautifully. Many parts of the presentation profoundly, expressive and charismatic high.

The contest takes place in 02 hours, The jury work in an objective way, the fairest to choose the best team in the contest. Summary Competition First Prize consists of 01, 01 Second Prize, Third Prize 01 and 01 consolation prizes.

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