Hoang Ha received the certificate of V2016 Tekla Structures software license

2016/11/09 16:58:02

With  the certificate of V2016 Tekla Structures software license, that is important condition for the engineers of Hoang Ha Company to enhance their specialize and capability and the company can expand trademark on the international market and increase competitiveness with competitor.

Tekla Structures is the most powerful software to draw steel structures in 3D space and output 2D detail drawing. It powers more Graitec . Especial, Tekla Structures is very  strong with integrating steel joints that can customize according to the user’s expection , this is the strongest point of Tekla Structures without what software can do.

In addition, drawing 3D model and outputing 2D drawing that helps engineers to design more easily in detailed design of steel structures that considered  extremely complex, Tekla Structures accept the user zoom every corner of bolts, fasteners to observe so that It reduces errors in the design.

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