Hoang Ha Company conducts fire prevention drills at the Nhon Trach Factory in Dong Nai.

On 30th July 2022, Hoang Ha Company cooperates with Dong Nai Fire Department to deploy a program for professional training in fire prevention and escape drills for employees at Nhon Trach Factory to ensure fire safety at the headquarters of Hoang Ha Company, especially at Nhon Trach Workshop, where there are many inflammable machinery, equipment, and materials, and to contribute to improving knowledge and skills on fire safety, fire fighting, and escape

Hoang Ha employees participate in fire prevention training

The course has helped staff and the Fire Prevention and Fighting Team to grasp the State’s legal documents on fire prevention and fighting, the basic knowledge about fire prevention and fighting, techniques, and the use of fire prevention and fighting tools and equipment. Additionally, they have been able to practice firefighting skills on the spot with a wall fire extinguisher, thereby improving the quality of work to ensure fire safety in the production process.

 The Dong Nai Provincial Fire Department instructs employees in fire prevention and fighting skills.

Under the guidance of officers and soldiers of Dong Nai Fire and Rescue Police, Hoang Ha Company’s members have quite proficiently deployed firefighting skills, solved arising situations, and practiced using extinguishers. on fire…

However, this is just a drill and will be very different from the actual situation. Therefore, the Management Board of Hoang Ha Company will continue to propagate widely to further raise awareness and responsibility for fire prevention, as well as to train necessary skills for all members of Hoang Ha’s staff.