Growing straw mushrooms in the form of baskets

2020/10/31 14:38:52

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Agricultural Extension Station of Chau Thanh district (An Giang) has just held a workshop on replication of the model of growing a basket of mushrooms in An Chau town. This is a new model, deployed for the first time in An Chau town, so it attracts local farmers to visit, learn and share experiences. This is a model of a project of cooperation between An Giang and Sweden implemented in Chau Thanh district.

After a period of implementation, the model of growing mushrooms in baskets has recorded many advantages compared to growing straw mushrooms outdoors. Typically, after the time of incubating straw, mixing with cotton, after only about 1 week, each straw basket can collect about 2.5kg of mushrooms.

Thanks to that, saving raw materials and time for mushrooms quickly, high productivity and easy care, harvesting and cleaning. In the near future, the locality will continue to replicate the model in communes: Binh Hoa, An Hoa, Binh Thanh, Vinh Nhuan ...

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